Travis Carter (06), graduated from PLNU with a passion for real estate. It didn’t take long for him to find success. He recently was named to San Diego Metro Magazine’s “40 Under 40” awards list, the magazine’s annual selection of San Diego’s finest business people, for his leadership at Hughes Marino, one of San Diego’s leading tenant representation firms. Carter has been with Hughes Marino for five years and serves as a vice president.

PLNU: What did you major in at PLNU? Did you have a career goal set in college?
T.C.: Business Administration. I knew I wanted to be a businessman my freshman year of college, but it was not until my senior year while taking the real estate course with Professor Fermanian did I realize that I wanted to be in commercial real estate.

PLNU: What is the most significant thing you’ve had to learn to do your job
T.C.: Be yourself. Speak clearly. Work hard. And treat everyone you encounter with respect and humility.

PLNU: Tell me about SD Metro’s “40 Under 40” list and what it means to be on it.
T.C.: Each year the magazine highlights 40 young business and civic leaders here in San Diego who are under forty years old (hence the name ). The issue has always been my favorite Metro issue as I have always enjoyed reading all the bio’s of each recipient. To be a recipient in the 2011 issue is amazing!

PLNU: How did you find out you made the list?
T.C.: Bob Page (CEO and Publisher) sent out a nice congratulatory letter. My wife and I celebrated by going to Baskin-Robbins and buying two pints of peanut butter chocolate ice cream.

PLNU: What does making the list mean to you personally and professionally?
T.C.: As cheesy as it might sound, I made it my goal to get on this list within my first ten years of my career so it was very rewarding on a personal level to achieve this goal. On a professional level, it is just nice to be recognized among this group of really smart, talented people.

PLNU: Besides your job, what are you passionate about?
T.C.: In a small nutshell, date nights with my wife, surfing, performing magic, golf, rubik cubes, poker, singing, playing the guitar, and the beach.

PLNU: What are your best memories of your time at PLNU?
T.C.: Summer band ministry tour, my ASB speech, French fries at the café, and leading the Surf-n-Serve ministry.

PLNU: How did your time at PLNU help you in your career now?
T.C.: In too many ways to count, but primarily, PLNU provided me an opportunity to meet amazing people, speak in front of large groups of students and faculty, perform music in front of large groups of people, and lastly, PLNU gave me the opportunity lead large groups of students into downtown to feed the homeless or Mexico to build houses. I am indebted to PLNU forever for the platform it gave me.

PLNU: What is your advice for college students on the cusp of the job market?
T.C.: First and foremost, pray. God is the CEO so it is best to get in touch with His purpose for your life. While God is revealing this to you, go meet with as many people as you can. Take them out to lunch, coffee, or meet with them at their office. Once you know what you want to do, target fifty people in that line of work who might be able to help you achieve your goal and go meet with them. It is not about what you know, it is about who you know.

Learn more about Travis at Hughes Marino.

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