Oct. 6-11, PLNU’s annual Creation Care Week invigorated the campus with an entire week of events dedicated to informing our community about sustainability and how to care for creation. Students and faculty were given opportunities to listen, read, speak and act now to prepare the planet for the next generation as we found it or better.


IMG_6170-(1)The week included the Sustainability Resource Fair; the Created Space event for prayer and creative expressions of spiritual growth; the Ride to OB Farmer’s Market; chapel in the Greek amphitheater, where free coffee was given to those who brought their own coffee mugs; and a screening of “The Burden” in Colt Hall Forum. PLNU’s Institute for Politics and Public Service (IPPS) hosted the event and approximately 75 people attended, including President Bob Brower. The film is a documentary about the U.S.’s dependence on fossil fuels, the greatest long-term national security threat to our country, and how the military is leading the transition away from oil.


“‘The Burden’ screening brought issues of sustainability and community engagement together with national security and policy development in a powerful and accessible film,” said the director of IPPS Dr. Lindsey Lupo.


After the film, Lupo facilitated a panel discussion with PLNU faculty, congressman Scott Peters, Andrea Marr with Truman National Security Project and Nicole Capretz with the City of San Diego.


On Thursday, the Professionals in Sustainability Networking Event featured a panel of professionals from Taylor Guitars, Waxie, Plant with Purpose, SDG&E, and the Ocean Discovery Institute and was facilitated by the director of the Center for International Development Dr. Rob Gailey. Bike the Jam took place on Friday, a chance for those living off campus to bike or walk to PLNU and receive free breakfast.



Dr. Michael Lodahl spoke during Creation Care Chapel Friday morning. He sought to encourage and empower students to become involved with sustainability through the understanding that we are all stewards of God’s creation.


“In the Christian tradition and community, we often talk about human beings as created in God’s image,” said Lodahl. “But sometimes we overlook the fact that this idea, as we encounter it in Genesis 1, is less about an ‘identity’ and far more about a task or calling given to all people. That task is to ‘image’ or reflect God — to represent the Creator to all of the earth’s creatures. How do we do that most faithfully? And if Jesus Christ is the image of God, as the New Testament proclaims, then at the very least we have been given a model, the perfect embodiment, of who God is and of what the Creator is like. I’m interested in asking what this means, practically in everyday behaviors, for the Church as Christ’s body within God’s good creation.”


Students were able to attend the Man vs. Wild Tour, a tour of the campus’s exotic and native plants led by horticulture specialist Jim Payton, and PLNU’s Movie in the Greek to watch the Dr. Seuss animated and eco-conscious movie “The Lorax.” The week wrapped up with the Cliffs Coastal Clean-Up Day on Saturday, where participants joined fellow Californians in cleaning up Sunset Cliffs Natural Park.


For more information on sustainability at PLNU, please go to http://www.pointloma.edu/discover/sustainability.

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