PLNU’s George Williamson recently released his second worship album, “Made for You.” The album was recorded live in Brown Chapel, with a band comprised of PLNU alumni and one current undergraduate student, all of whom have worked and played with Williamson in worship ministries while attending the university. Williamson shares more about the album and tells of the story behind its creation below.


What was your process like for making and producing this album?

I took a 10-day trip to Scotland last October to work in solitude, praying and writing. A family friend loaned me a small cottage far from any people and I just took a Bible, a guitar, a keyboard, some pencils, and a notebook to work with. Beautiful simplicity! It afforded me some of the greenest pastures and most quiet waters I have ever experienced. I came out of that time with some new songs and the bones of the album. Then, in the spring I spent a lot of evenings honing those songs and trying to line up all the logistics that go into making a live album. There was a lot of work to be done on the backend as well, to get everything mixed down and mastered. I’m thrilled the process of making it is complete!


Is this recent album very different from your first album, “All Things”?

My vision for this new album was for it to serve in a similar function as my first album, “All Things,” guiding people’s thoughts in a flow of song, prayer, and Scripture. Similarly to the first, it was important to me to record it as a live album rather than in a studio. I just love knowing that people were pouring their hearts out in praise and petition as the music was being recorded. There are much more original songs on this album. I wrote six of them and PLNU alumni wrote two; Jordan Frye (08) wrote one and Tim Timmons (98) wrote another.


What is the meaning behind the title “Made for You” and what inspired it?

The title came out of some words St. Augustine penned in his Confessions. After Augustine had spent years of wandering, chasing all that the world had to offer in pleasure and intellect, he finally found his real life–his heart’s true “home”–and he found it in Christ. Augustine wrote, “Almighty God, You have made us for Yourself, and our hearts are restless until they find their rest in You.” We have been made for God, or, as I lyrically wove into the album, “made to know You and be known as Yours.”


What was it like working with a group of alumni and one current student?


It was a lot of work and a lot of fun! They are great friends. Trying to coordinate most of their busy schedules was tricky, but all of them were able to rehearse during the week of PLNU’s spring break, and two weeks after for the evening recording. All of them were heavily involved in worship ministries with me while students, and they are dear friends to me. We had one current student on the last album, and the one on this album more than held his own in ideas, ability, endurance, and love for Jesus.


What do you hope for listeners to gain when listening to this album?

My hope is that it will remind them of the staggering measures God has taken in love through Christ to redeem what He has made, and the incredible power that is ours through the Holy Spirit. My prayer is that whenever it is listened to, God will use it to help prompt a divine dialogue, God speaking both of His love for us and His call on us and us responding in humble adoration, “Thank You, Father. Here I am. Use me for Your glory.”


To download and listen to “Made for You,” please go to

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