Point Loma Nazarene University played host to a conference exploring the intersection of scripture, creation, and scientific discovery. Exploring Origins: Nazarenes in Dialogue brought church leaders, scholars, students, and laity together to discuss topics such as intelligent design and theistic evolution as well as biblical exegesis, theological affirmations and doctrinal statements.

PLNU Provost Dr. Kerry Fulcher, who participated in the conference as a panelist and workshop presenter, described a “pedagogy of hospitality” he has developed over years of teaching. Acknowledging the scientific and biblical details are complex and sometimes consensus can be hard to find, Dr. Fulcher emphasized the need for Christians to dialogue on these issues with a spirit of humility and charity toward one another.

I draw the line at ‘God Created.’ Of this, I have no doubt. While I may have ideas about how He did it, and it is interesting to talk about these ideas, they are not important enough to set as a stumbling block for non-believers or as something to split the body of Christ over.

Other speakers at the Exploring Origins conference included:

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