The other evening I took my daughters to In-N-Out and I was wearing my PLNU trucker hat. As we ate dinner, an alumna approached me and asked if I worked at the school. I let her know I did. Her other question and comment to me: “Does Rick Kennedy still teach in the history department? He was my favorite.”

Dr. Rick KennedyIn fact, Dr. Rick Kennedy does still teach history at PLNU. He continues to be a favorite among students in the classroom and on his adventurous sailing trips. Now he also is the Charles J. Miller Christian Scholar’s Award recipient. The award is given annually for the best article to appear in the Christian Scholar’s Review. Dr. Kennedy won the award (announced January 2013) for his article, “Educating Bees: Humility as a Craft in Classical and Christian Liberal Arts,” which appeared in CSR volume 42 Fall 2012.

In his article, Dr. Kennedy traces the importance of thinking socially, which was the foundation of what ancients considered efficacious liberal arts education. One of the award jurors explained the value of Dr. Kennedy’s argument for Christian liberal arts today, “The article challenged me to reconsider how I model balancing humility towards tradition and authority with critical thinking for my students. By highlighting the importance of social thinking in the Classical liberal arts, Professor Kennedy reminds us that the liberal arts are not primarily about developing individual intellectual prowess, but rather for developing and preserving better communities.”

An abstract of Dr. Kennedy’s article is available on the CSR website, where the issue can also be ordered.

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