Photos and copy by Bryan Pridmore, current MBA student

This month, a group of 18 PLNU students, faculty, staff, and one alum from PLNU’s Fermanian School of Business and Fermanian Business & Economic Institute traveled to New York City. The trip was a part of the MBAs’ special finance class. We are studying financial institutions and how they work in today’s economy. The special visits that we had prior to attending the annual NABE (National Association of Business Economics) conference were opportunities to put names with faces regarding the financial instruments we were studying in class.

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Also read about the trip from Professor Randy Ataide’s perspective on the FBEI’s blog.


Dr. Lynn Reaser shared with the group her personal experience of being at Ground Zero on Sep. 11, 2001. She was in the Marriott between the twin towers when the first plane hit. She described what followed with amazing detail.


We visited the New York Stock Exchange on Thursday and the stock traders gave us a personal tour of their operation and trading floor. We were there for about an hour and our hosts were happy to take questions and show us everything.




Meeting with James Carmichae at Deutsche Bank was fantastic. They buy businesses all the time and the key number that he looks at is EBITA (earnings before interest and amortization). This figure can strip away the baggage of overhead in a firm and show the true value of a business over the long term.


The CEO of Parsons Brinckerhoff met with our group and talked about the importance of ethics in their business. The firm designs large government structures like airports, subways, and bridges around the world.


The MBA program visited several large companies in New York. Each visit provided an intimate opportunity to ask questions to the movers and shakers of their industry.


We met up with PLNU alum Mark Philibosian who works for Blackrock. He gave us a tour of the trading floor and told us how he climbed to the executive level of the firm by networking at every opportunity.


We visited the 9/11 Memorial. Our group discussed where each of us were when the planes struck the buildings 11 years ago. It still seems very fresh in our minds.


Lynn Reaser received the prestigious NABE Outlook Award, recognition for accuracy as an economist at the NABE conference (click the photo for the full story). We are excited and honored to have Dr. Reaser as a professor and an active economist.


We discussed our analysis of each session at the NABE conference as a group. The MBA members came from different backgrounds in business: entrepreneurs, healthcare, finance, and real-estate. The different backgrounds shaped the conversation as everyone drew from their own perspective. The reflections were audio recorded and submitted to the PLNU campus radio station which aired the same day.


Robert Shiller gave a presentation at NABE. We later had dinner with him that evening.


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