Kyoto The Kyoto Prize Symposium began Tuesday morning at Point Loma Nazarene University, where winners of the Kyoto Prize, Japan’s highest private award for lifetime achievement in advanced technology, basic science, and the arts and philosophy, met with students, faculty, and the media at the opening luncheon. Other local universities will host laureate lectures for the symposium on March 21 and 22.

Each November, the Inamori Foundation gives the Kyoto Prize in Kyoto, Japan. The Inamori Foundation was established by Dr. Inamori, the founder of Kyocera International. The U.S. presentation is in San Diego each spring as the Inamori Foundation Board and Dr. Inamori bring Laureates for lectures, celebrations, and presentations.

In 2011, PLNU became an official co-host university for the Kyoto Prize Symposium, joining San Diego State University, UC San Diego, and the University of San Diego. This is PLNU’s sixth consecutive year hosting events on campus.

“It’s a great honor because of the work of Dr. Inamori in recognizing such substantial achievements through these laureates,” said PLNU President Bob Brower.

“It’s also an honor to have the higher education community in San Diego, the four universities, in such a cooperative supporting effort to provide really an introduction to world-class scholars and researchers.”

Each of the four co-host universities is awarded a grant of $50,000 a year for four years from the Inamori Foundation. PLNU will use its grant to establish the Inamori Science Scholars Program, which will provide scholarships for students conducting scientific research.

The Kyoto Prize is awarded to individuals whose life works have benefitted humankind’s scientific, cultural, and spiritual development. This year’s laureates are materials scientist John Werner Cahn, astrophysicist Rashid Alievich Sunyaev, and Kabuki actor Tamasaburo Bando V.

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