On February 22, Olympic historian Art Prior will be displaying his collection of Olympic medals at PLNU. He has been collecting the medals for over 30 years and has accumulated over 15, making his the largest private collection in the United States. Spanning across numerous Olympics, the collection showcases how the medals have evolved from the early games to those from more recent years. Since many people have never seen an Olympic medal up close, Prior enjoys showing them to the public whenever he gets the chance.

“I collect many works of art,” said Prior. “Olympic medals are not only works of art, but they also represent achievements. And because they are so rare they make good investments.”

Prior has presented his collection at museums, including the San Diego Hall of Champions and the Smithsonian. As a Point Loma resident and supporter of PLNU’s track team, Prior decided an on-campus presentation was in order.

“[PLNU] is very dear to me,” said Prior. “I live nearby and have run at the track for years. Over time I have made ties with the coaches of the track team and am one of the team’s sponsors.”

Anyone interested in viewing the collection is welcome to attend. In addition to catching a glimpse of these rare artifacts and hearing the stories behind them, attendees will be able to ask Prior questions related to his presentation. The event begins at 12:15 p.m. and will take place in Kinesiology 3.

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