Nate Brewer (07) has experienced a great deal of change since graduating from PLNU six years ago. After playing four years of PLNU soccer, and earning the titles of MVP and co-captain his senior year, Brewer was recruited by Surge International, an organization devoted to soccer ministry.




“Soccer ministry is about using the sport of soccer to build bridges to people and show them the love of Christ. It is a place of common ground. A dynamic to connect with people you normally wouldn’t be able to,” explained Brewer.

Through Surge, Brewer was not only able to participate in ministry and play semi-pro soccer in Oregon, but was later chosen to help start a soccer ministry program in Vienna, Austria, an experience he says stretched him in ways he never imagined.

After a few years serving as director of Vienna Surge, Brewer transitioned out of soccer ministry, but remained in Vienna, where he still resides today. In addition to leading the young adults ministry at an international church, he is also part of a ministry called SBUX Fellowship, which holds public Bible studies in Starbucks coffee houses with the aim of “teaching the truth of God’s Word, being authentic in relationships, and drawing people closer to Jesus Christ.” While the vision of SBUX Fellowship is to reach all 12 Vienna locations, as well as expand beyond Vienna, Brewer’s goals for the ministry extend even further.

“I see this missional Bible study and discipleship network as one aspect of a future multi-dimensional ministry,” said Brewer. “To enable this, the Lord has led me to recently found a non-profit organization named Kyrios Ministries, Inc.”

Kyrios Ministries, which Brewer said resulted from a lot of prayer, seeks to fulfill the Great Commission of making disciples, something he feels can best be done when a group of believers with different strengths and talents work together.




“Our desire is to disciple the whole person; that is, their body, soul, mind, and spirit to have a complete discipleship experience,” he explained. “We desire to produce disciples, which produce leaders, which produce churches, which produce movements–in essence, an organic style of church planting. We have several ideas how this can be done practically speaking, but how it comes to fruition remains to be seen.”

While eagerly awaiting the future and how these plans will unfold, Brewer looks fondly on his past, and his time at PLNU.

“PLNU was a rich experience for me, socially, academically, and spiritually, and laid the solid foundation to minister in an entrepreneurial fashion of creating new ministries, equipping leaders, and releasing them into their calling,” said Brewer.

Though Brewer misses his parents, three sisters, and many friends who still live in the states, he says God has provided a “rich and dynamic spiritual family” for him in Vienna, including a “beautiful German girl,” Insa, who he married on April 20, 2013.

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