PLNU is an educational institution that has adopted a vision for outreach. The Ministry with Mexico is a component of that vision. Most immediately, the ministry will be crossing the border to celebrate Christmas with friends in Mexico. The event is called La Gran Familia.

We had an opportunity to interview Esteban Trujillo, PLNU’s new associate director of international ministries, to get his insights on this event and the work of Ministry With Mexico.


Q: What is the purpose of “La Gran Familia” trip?

A. La Gran Familia is a great partnership between PLNU and orphanage ministries Eunime and Las Casas. All of the students from these two orphanages come together into one Christmas celebration together. There will be another group joining us as well. This has sparked interest of a Tijuana university called “Unid.” They’ve adopted one orphanage to collaborate just as PLNU has been doing. Its great to see this all come together. Several students, faculty and staff have donated gifts for this trip. We will celebrate the kids, give them gifts and provide for certain needs. The gifts and donations are all given to them. We will Leave Friday at 4 p.m. and arrive in Tijuana at about 5:30. We will have the event at Peter Piper Pizza. We have piñatas for them. The Master’s Hands student ministry is coming along to do a puppet show for the kids. Santa Clause will make a guest appearance. We have mostly students with faculty and staff in attendance, 48 total.


Q: Tell me about yourself your position with international ministries on campus.

A: Well, I Just started, at the end of September. I am a former PLNU student. I graduated in 2003. My wife and I served as Youth Pastors in the Western Latin District as well as Kansas City Spanish Nazarene church. In 2010 we were missionaries in Madrid, Spain. God has always had us involved in cross cultural ministry experiences. I was also part of summer ministry teams as a student with “Los Cruseros.” We travelled during the summer and lead worship in Spanish at various Nazarene camps and churches. I was always involved with Spanish speaking churches. When this position opened up, I applied. I am Still getting acclimated to the position and learning about the types of ministry that we are involved with. La Gran Familia has been showing me how God provides. Throughout this process, I feel like I haven’t arrived yet, and even in these moments of inadequacy and learning, I am grateful to see Gods faithfulness. I have a great group of students that I work closely with. There are two student coordinators and seven other student leaders that I work closely with.


Q: How have you seen God at work in Ministry with Mexico?

A. I was able to attend the fall break build as my first trip. We did construction work at a Nazarene seminary in Tecate, Mexico. This was a trip that gave me a good taste about what this ministry is all about. It was a true partnership between our students and the students at the seminary. I loved to see what ministry with Mexico is and what it can be in the future, and finding ways to strengthen those relationships with the seminary and those we serve. On this trip, I felt a true sense about what the body of Christ is, what the church can be, and what the needs in the world are like and how we can truly be the hands and feet of Christ. There’s nothing more rewarding than being a participant like that.


Q: How can someone become involved with Ministry with Mexico?

A. There are different avenues to be informed. is our main webpage. There you can find out what is going on in all different ministries. You can sign up for our monthly email called Vamonos! This is a preview of what trips we have done as well as upcoming trips. You can also get involved by Talking to anyone of our ministry leaders or coming to see me. Before our events, we send out different advertisements through email. We would love for anyone to get involved.


Q: What is the average cost to attend a Ministry with Mexico trip?

A. The gift giving for La Gran Famila was a max of $10. To go on this trip, the cost was $15, that is the usual cost for the day trips. This covers transportation, food, and necessities.


Q: What are some other trips coming up in the spring?

A. All of our ministries will have three trips a month beginning in February. Our ministry has three components, La Iglesia, Las Casa, and Eunime. La Iglesia is our construction-based ministry. It is partnered with our contact with Lazarian World homes. Lazarian Homes helps us out with our biggest projects. They help with our spring break build. During spring break, students, staff, and faculty attend the trip. Joining us on the trip will be President Bob Brower and Vice President for Spiritual Development Mary Paul. Every Spring Break, the trip focuses on construction for major additions to Tijuana central church of the Nazarene. We are planning on doing a border tour in the spring as well as our Transporter non-profit fair.


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