CIDPoint Loma Nazarene University has become the first Christian university in the nation to vote to voluntarily raise tuition by $3 per student to support a campus Fair Trade Fund. The fund will allow PLNU students to show their strong support for fair trade initiatives and further the use of fair trade products on campus. This is another step that PLNU has taken to become a certified “Fair Trade” campus. The vote passed the student body by 80 percent.

Andrew Schalin, PLNU student and an intern with PLNU’s Center for Justice and Reconciliation, decided to undertake this project to show that the students of PLNU are committed to fair trade in a dramatic way: “PLNU has voiced that it is important to our students to make strides towards a slave-free campus. This will bring visibility to the fair trade movement both in San Diego and across the nation. Our hope is that other Nazarene schools, Southern California Bible Schools, and Fair Trade Universities will take note and implement this fund at their own schools.”

This is the second tuition increase that PLNU students have initiated themselves. In 2008, students assessed a $3 per student Green Fee to further campus sustainability efforts. Projects paid for by the Green Fund have included adaption to low flow fixtures across campus, installation of solar thermal panels atop student dormitories, and increased sustainability measures within campus dining services.

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