On Feb. 15, PLNU’s LoveWorks kicked off 5 Gallons: Wells for Bangladesh, a fundraising effort during the season of Lent. The effort is named in honor of the fact that it takes a minimum of 5 gallons of water – per person, per day – to cook, bathe, and stay hydrated. It’s an amount that is difficult to obtain in places like Bangladesh, where many local water sources are contaminated.

PLNU students have traveled to Bangladesh through LoveWorks for many years and have developed a close relationship with the Nazarene community there. The Church of the Nazarene is committed to providing tube wells to congregations throughout Bangladesh. Even from such a great distance, we are able to help this vision become a reality by donating funds for the project.

“We have a longstanding ministry partnership in Bangladesh through LoveWorks,” said Brian Becker, PLNU director of international ministries. “We wanted to connect this year’s Lent Giving Project with the Church of the Nazarene there to connect more of our campus community with giving through LoveWorks. There is a mission team going to Bangladesh this summer. They will take these gifts there and learn from all that the church is doing. Hopefully they will bring lessons back to PLNU after they learn about compassionate ministry as the Bangladeshis are doing it.”

This is the second year students have made efforts to fund a project in a LoveWorks location during Lenten season. Last year, students raised $16,204 – nearly twice their goal – during 40 Days for Katwatwa. The campaign built a school in Katwatwa, DR Congo.

This year, students and the Office of Spiritual Development hope to raise enough money to fund five wells – each costing $1,500. Since PLNU is connected with church leaders in the area, all the labor for digging the wells will be donated by church members there. “That means that $1,500 is all it takes to provide cement, sand, tubes, and filters,” said Becker.

The wells will provide fresh, clean water and save Bangladeshis from walking five or or six miles to retrieve and carry water. It will also help fight discrimination, as Christian are kept from using Muslim wells in Bangladesh.

“Ninety percent of the wells in Bangladesh are Muslim-controlled and there is no access for Christians,” according to the campaign’s website.

Here’s how students (and others) can participate in the campaign:

  1. Donate to Build Wells: Donation boxes at Spiritual Development and the chapel stage on chapel days. You can also give through the “5 Gallons” website.
  2. Join the Beverage Fast: Because all we have to do is turn on a faucet to have clean drinking water, consider drining on tap water for Lent. Stickers are available in Spiritual Development for your water bottle.
  3. Spread the Word: Talk about the project and campaign. Join the “5 Gallons” Facebook page.

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