Finals are here, and with them come stress, anxiety, and apprehension. To help combat finals foreboding, PLNU’s Student Success & Wellness and the Office of Strengths and Vocation will host the fourth annual Paws Awhile study break, April 30, 12-2 p.m., on the Ryan Library Learning Deck.

The San Diego Humane Society will bring several dogs to campus to engage with students.

Recent research has demonstrated the significant benefits of having contact with pets in reducing stress and lowering blood pressure. One particular study found in a 2009 issue of the American Journal of College Health noted “a pet therapy program could temporarily fill the absence of previous support systems and be a catalyst for establishing new social relationships.”

Annual surveys on college students conducted by the American College Health Association consistently identify stress as the number one impediment to academic performance. In light of this research, students were given the opportunity to spend time with the guide dogs in training and certified therapy assisted dogs.

The dogs frequently engage in similar events as a part of their certification requirements in the area of socialization.

Good luck to our students in their final(s) stretch!





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